Bishop Oyedepo Weekly Prophetic Declarations, Prayers For Third Week July 2020


Bishop David Oyedepo of the Winners Chapel has released the weekly prophetic declarations and prayers.

Prayer Points Altar learned that he released the weekly prophetic declarations and prayers for the third week of July 2020 during the live service of the Church broadcast to millions of people across the world from Canaanland, Ota, Ogun State.

During the church service which was tagged Covenant Day of Long Life, Bishop Oyedepo declared an end to premature death.

He also prayed that the fear of death will be gone and that strength will be upon anyone weary or tired of life.

The Church tweeted this, also, on its handle, as seen below:


‘No more premature death in your lineage!

The fear of death is over in your life!

The anointing oil shall be a seal of longevity on your life!

Your strength is renewed today!

*Watch, everyone that receives the covenant of longevity as dictated in scriptures, as ordained of God, in the name of the Lord Jesus, no one disappears below a hundred.
*By this anointing today, God’s word is confirmed into testimonies in your life.
*Every terminal disease is today declared terminated.
*Everyone appointed to death is liberated today.
*Everyone appointed to death under the sound of my voice, you are declared loosed (Psalm 102:20).
*Everyone still breathing now, stays alive.
*By this anointing, everyone appointed to death is released!!!
*Whatever my God has not planted that is growing inside anyone under the sound of my voice, as you partake of this shot of this oil, they are burnt with unquenchable fire in the name of Jesus.
*Free from the threat of untimely death!
*Free from a life of financial struggles!
*Free at last and free forever!
*Lift up your two hands and thank God for the ‘unlockable’ God that we serve.
*May the oil on your forehead today remain a seal of prosperity and longevity on your life.



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