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Dunamis Church 2020 Fasting Prayer Points And Guidelines

The Dunamis International Gospel Centre has released the prayer points for its 2022 fasting and prayer programme. 

According to the Dunamis Church, the fasting and prayer for 2022 will be for 21 days and run from January 10th to 30th.

While the full prayer points for the fasting were not released, Prayer Points Altar has obtained those for the first day of the programme.

More prayer points will be added in due course; so, ensure you revisit the website for more.

Dunamis 2022 Fasting Prayer Points

Below is the full prayer points for the Dunamis 2022 fasting as released by the church:

Father, thank You for Your goodness, mercies and faithfulness to us in the year 2021. Thank You for every testimony, blessing and victory of that year. To You alone be all the Glory, Lord in Jesus Name – Psalm 103:1-5.
Father, thank You for the successful arrival of the year 2022. Thank You for the promises and load of Blessings deployed for 2022. We decree that none of it shall fail to deliver, Lord in Jesus Name – Ps. 68:19; Joshua 21:45.
Father, we take authority over every enemy agenda or opposition to Your purpose for Your people in Dunamis this year – We decree the collapse and total demolition of every such plot, plan, orchestration or opposition of the enemy in 2022, in Jesus Name – Isa. 14:27; Isa. 54:17.
Father, we ask that Your Blessing on Your children in Dunamis in 2022 will lead to the explosion of fruitfulness and multiplication of Your flock until the whole earth is overspread and blanketed with influence, impact and multitudes of saints, in Jesus’ Name – Gen. 9:19; Gen. 1:28.
Father, we ask that You will take Your place in Nigeria and purge out all forms of evil at all levels – evil leadership, evil activity of terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery, economic failure, and others – in the Name of Jesus Christ – Ps. 22:27, 28.
Father, we ask that You will anoint afresh Your servant, the under-shepherd over the Commission, Dunamis, for a full and complete delivery of Your package for Your people in 2022. Anoint afresh, the pastors and ministers in the Commission for full alignment with Your purpose for us in this season, in Jesus’ Name – Psalm 92:10; Eph. 6:18-20.
Father, we ask that You will shield the senior pastor, the pastors, the ministers, the workforce
and the members of the Commission from every evil/wicked agenda of the enemy in 2022, Lord in Jesus Name – Eph. 6:18-20; 2Thess. 3:1-2.
Thank You Lord because we have the confidence that if we pray in accordance with Your Will, You will hear us. Thank You for hearing and answering Lord. To You be all the praise, Lord in Jesus Name – 1John 5:14-15
– The grace to pray along with this fast is released upon you right
– Passion for the Word of God is released upon your now
– The grace to bear fruit that will abide is released upon you now
– The grace to seek the Kingdom of God is released upon you
– Capacity to intercede for others is released upon your right now!
– The grace to approach this fasting in faith is released upon you right now! 

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