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RCCG November 2020 Fasting Prayer Points For Day 2 – Wednesday

The prayer points and bulletin for Day 2 of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) 30 days November 2020 fasting and prayer programme.

RCCG November 2020 Fasting And Prayer Guideline

Earlier, Prayer Points Altar had posted the RCGG November 2020 fasting and prayer guidelines. There is also a PDF version of the prayer points there.

If you want to find out more about the fasting programme and what is expected of participants, see this post.

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So, having sorted that out, we’d move ahead to post the RCCG November 2020 fasting prayer points for Day 2, Wednesday.

These prayer points are from the RCCG and participants are to pray it in faith, believing that God would heed to the calls.

RCCG November 2020 Fasting Prayer Points Day 2 – Wednesday 

Although not in PDF format, the RCCG November 2020 fasting prayer points for Day 2 would be posted in a plain format as well as image format (containing the prayer points).

So, here are the prayer points for Day 2 of the RCCG fasting programme for 2020:


Sins come with consequences which hurt a lot. The consequences are wounds which can be spiritual, emotional, physical or financial. Only God has the ability to heal all kinds of wounds (Exod. 15:26). Many are wounded already and we need God to heal us individually and as a nation at this moment as we pray to him.

1. Father we thank you because you have the power to heal all manner of

2. Father we thank you for your mercy that endures forever. 2 Chronicles 5:13
3. Father we repent of all our past errors committed as leaders and followers in this nation in Jesus name.
4. Father we repent of all sins of adultery, idolatry, ritual, looting, kidnaping, killing etc. and let your blood cleans us in Nigeria in Jesus name. 1John1:9

5. Father, heal every individual that is wounded by your stripe in Jesus name.Isaiah 53:5
6. Father, heal our nation Nigeria of all wounds in the mighty name of Jesus.
7. Father, release the spirit of humility upon this nation, that we will always acknowledge your supremacy in all area in Jesus name. 2 Chronicles 7:14

8. Father, please heal our nation Nigeria as you did in Jericho, in Jesus name.
9. Father, release the spirit of obedience upon all citizens of this nation in Jesus name. Ezekiel 36:27
10. Father, release abundance grace for us in Nigeria to be separated unto you Lord in Jesus name.

11. Father, please heal all the nations in the world that are wounded in Jesus name. Rev. 22:2
12. Father we come against every evil altar polluting our land. All evil altars be wasted in Jesus name. Haggai 2:22
13. Lord of host; let your fire consume all evil altars in any part of Nigeria in Jesus name.
14. Every Inherited strange behaviour and habits in our lives working against our spiritual revival be destroyed in Jesus name. Jeremiah 31:29

15. Father, contend with any power contending with the fulfilment of your purpose in Nigeria in Jesus name. Isaiah 49:25
16. Every evil covenant working against Nigeria is broken by the blood of Jesus.
17. Father, restore the glory of Nigeria that was lost in Jesus name.

18. We command every mountain or obstruction on our path to new Nigeria, become plain now in Jesus name. Isaiah 40:4
19. Father, restore greatness, progress and unity to Nigeria in Jesus name. Gen 20:14
20. The revolution that has started will not lose focus and be aborted in Jesus
name. Zech 4:9

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