Winners’ Chapel Prophetic Focus For The Month Of June 2020 (Theme)


The Winners’ Chapel prophetic focus for the month of June 2020 or as others call it, the theme for the month as well as the recommended books for the month.

The Winners’ Chapel prophetic focus for the month which some people call the theme of the month is SERVING GOD PAYS THE MOST taking from JOB 36:11.

Winners’ Chapel Prophetic Focus for the Month of June 2020

The Winners’ Chapel prophetic focus for the month of June 2020 is SERVING GOD PAYS THE MOST; JOB 36:11.

From: President, LFCW
To: All Mission Stations
Subject: Prophetic Focus for June 2020
Date: May 31, 2020

Breaking Limits greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.
I believe everyone has experienced next levels of command of the supernatural in the course of the month of May; and may the impact of each one’s encounter last for a lifetime in Jesus’ name. Amen.
But what is the Spirit of the Lord saying for the month of June 2020
According to the word of the Lord, the midst of the year, which includes the months of June and July, is a season of spiritual awakening ordained to usher us into our realm of grace and glory, launching us into our high places in life – Hab. 3:2-19/ Hag. 2:1-9
According to scriptures, a wise man shall inherit glory, but shame shall be the promotion of fools – Pro. 3:35
But what is wisdom?
Wisdom is knowing the right way to go and going there – Eccl. 10:15
Wisdom is knowing the right thing to do and doing it – Mat. 7:24-25
For example:
Serving God and the interest of His kingdom is wisdom for our desired change of story – Exo. 23: 25-26/ Luk. 5:1-8
A covenant to serve God and the pursuit of same is our guarantee for all-round rest – 2Chr. 15:12-15/Mat. 6:33
This is why serving God does not only pay but pays the most and the incomparable –Ex.23:25-26 / Job 36:11
We also understand that the key to experiencing the wonders of the midst of the year is to be committed to working the works of God – Hag. 2:4
Specifically, commitment to soul winning endeavours and seeing many established in the faith is defined as wisdom that will make a star of any believer – Pro. 11:30/Dan. 12:3/ Mat. 16:26
Furthermore, we can serve the interest of the kingdom in 3 major ways among others:
First, through commitment to praying kingdom advancement prayers – Mat. 6:6/9-10/ Luk. 2:37
Secondly, through reaching out to the lost for their salvation – Jhn.15:16/2Cor.5:17-20/Luk.14:16-23
And thirdly, through commitment of our financial resources in promoting the interest of the kingdom of God on earth – Hag. 1:3-12/ Zech. 1:17/ Luk. 7:2-6
Remember, we serve a God of times and seasons, a God of set time and the midst of the year is one of His set times for visiting His people. Note that what we call a revival is a manifestation of divine visitation among God’s people. Therefore, the same way God visited Sarah at the said time, God will be visiting every one of us in the prophetic season, and just as Sarah said “who would have said Sarah will give suck to a child…. God has made me laugh and all that hear will laugh with me” – Gen. 21:1-6.

I believe that what no one could imagine taking place in our lives both as individuals and as a congregation of Christ shall begin to manifest from this prophetic season onward, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen – Zeph. 3:17-20.

Therefore, the prophetic focus of the month of June 2020 is: SERVING GOD PAYS THE MOST – JOB 36:11

Winners’ Chapel Recommended Books for the Month of June 2020

The Winners’ Chapel recommended books of the month for June by Bishop David Oyedepo include:

1 – The Wisdom that Works.

2 – All you need to have all your needs met.

3 – Walking in Wisdom.

Winners’ Chapel Midst of the Year 7 Days Fasting 2020

The Living Faith Church which is also Winners’ Chapel had on Monday started 7 days fasting and prayer to facilitate its church growth agenda. 

According to the church, members are expected to offer kingdom advancement prayer points for this midst of the year 2020 fasting.

In a statement on Sunday during the live service broadcast of the Winners’ Chapel, the Presiding Bishop and Founder of the Church, David Oyedepo, said prayer is essential to revival.

“Breaking Limit greetings in Jesus’ name,” the statement read.

“Another midst of the year is here, a season of awesome visitation for supernatural turnaround. But we understand that nothing can be greater than the preparation that goes into it.

“As it is written; “So Jotham became mighty because he prepared his ways before the LORD his God.” – 2Chr. 27:6

“Remember, among other things, God is committed to unveiling the hidden place of His power in the midst of the year, leading to the shattering of every everlasting mountain and perpetual hills, that is, long-standing issues of concern such as generational curses, spells and enchantments holding God’s people captive without knowing, while ushering us into our high places at the same time – Hab. 3:2-19.”

You can join the fasting by taking advantage of these kingdom advancement prayer points to intercede on behalf of the church.

There are also prayer points for new converts in the church that can serve as intercessory prayer guidelines for this 7 days midst of the year fasting.



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