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Winners’ Chapel Shiloh 2020 Theme, Date And Live Streaming – All You Must Know

What is the Winners’ Chapel Shiloh 2020 theme and date? According to the church, the Shiloh 2020 theme is Turnaround Encounters and it will hold in December.


Bishop Oyedepo At Shiloh

Breaking Limits Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

We serve a Turnaround God, we have a Turnaround Saviour. Our God turns the captivity of His children as a dream of the night. Our God specializes in turning ordinary individuals into wonders among men. God’s turnaround agenda for His children is not a once for all event but a once and again experience.
There are no ceilings on our destinies as believers. It is one encounter after another that engenders one turnaround after another.

Every turnaround experience in life is clearly a product of an encounter with God. From scriptures, we understand that we are redeemed into a Turnaround world after the order of Christ. Also an open door that shall not be shut night nor day, is a proof of God’s turnaround agenda for His children, but it is by applied revelation that we experience God’s turnaround agenda for our lives.

As believers, we are not permitted to stranded like others who do not know God, but we have been redeemed as a peculiar people on the earth as it is written, “the path of the just is like a shining light that shinneth more and more unto the perfect day.”

Therefore, the theme of SHILOH 2020 IS TURNAROUND ENCOUNTERS!
Shiloh 2020 shall be a mountain of diverse encounters resulting in supernatural turnaround in all areas of life for every participant.
Ever Winner must endeavour to be at Shiloh 2020 either on ground here at Canaanland or across any of our viewing centres around the world.
Note that all our Churches across the nations, cities, towns and villages shall serve as viewing centres during Shiloh 2020.
Looking forward to seeing you at Shiloh come December 8th to 13th 2020.
Remain ever blessed.

Jesus is Lord. 

What Is Shiloh 2020 Theme?


When Is Shiloh 2020 Turnaround Encounters Date?

According to the Winners’ Chapel, the Shiloh 2020 Turnaround Encounters date is December 8th -13th. Ensure you pray, plan and prepare to attend.

During the Shiloh 2020 with ‘TURN AROUND ENCOUNTERS’ as the theme, the Mega Auditorium Project will be rechristened ‘THE ARK’ instead of the former name ‘FAITH THEATRE’.

On Sunday, 25th October 2020, Bishop Oyedepo referenced the construction of the new mega auditorium to be built at Canaanland, Ota.

“God’s greatest interest on the earth is not big cathedral, it’s not the huge Ark project that we are embarking upon,” he said. “It is the preservation and salvation of the souls of men”

Shiloh 2020 Turnaround Encounters Live Stream: How To Watch Online

Worshippers can follow the Shiloh 2020 Turnaround Encounters live service by streaming it on YouTube and various online platforms.

Here is how to live stream and watch Winners’ Chapel’s Shiloh 2020/2021 Turnaround  Encounters:

Shiloh 2020 programme runs live from 5:30 am to 10 pm daily (Nigerian time) in all the Living Faith worship centres.

Also, Shiloh 2020 live stream will be enjoyed online by viewers in about 150 nations of the world.

Shiloh 2020 Live Broadcast

Faith Tabernacle, Ota

You can watch the Shiloh 2020 event live at the Living Faith Church, Headquarters, Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, Ota, Nigeria. If you are not sure of how to locate the Faith Tabernacle, go to a Winners’ Chapel branch closest to you and ask for a guide.

Shiloh Viewing Centres / Winners’ Chapel branches

Another place to watch the Shiloh 2020 event live is at any of the designated Shiloh viewing centres in Nigeria and around the world. They are viewing centres in all Winners’ Chapel branches.

Satellite Tv

Through Living Faith Church channel on strong decoders. You can also watch Shiloh 2020 via cable TV, especially Strong decoder. Details soon.


  1. Shiloh 2020 is not a Church conference, but a Mountain of Encounters with God through His Word – I Samuel 3:21
  2. Shiloh 2020 is not a Church anniversary but a place for taking delivery of all our hanging inheritance in Christ — Joshua 18:3
  3. Shiloh 2020 is not a Church program, but a Mountain of answered prayers after the order of Hannah— I Samuel 1:13-19
  4. Shiloh 2020 is ordained a platform for the rise of giants among us — Joshua 18:1, Psalm 87:5-7
  5. Shiloh 2020 is a mountain of vision and revelation, ordained to stir A New Dawn in the life of every participant — Psalm 16:11, 2 Corinthians 3:18
  6. Shiloh 2020  is a prophetic platform for the conferment of dominion both on us as a Church and as individuals, so as to subdue the land before us —Joshua 1

Shiloh 2019 Prayer Guide

The prayer points for Shiloh 2020 will be updated here once there are released by the church. In the meantime, you can pray with the past edition as seen below:

– Father, thank you for the impact of Shiloh 2019 both at Canaanland and in all the viewing centres around the globe – Gen 21:1
– Father thank you for giving every participant at Shiloh 2019 an encounter of a lifetime through your word – Isa 9:8
– Father sanctify the entire Canaanland, making it t for your divine presence at Shiloh 2019 – Exo 3:5
– Father, let your cloud of glory ll the entire Canaanland and all the viewing centres around the world all through Shiloh 2019 – 2 Chr 5:13-14
– Father, let Shiloh 2019 answer to its name in the lives of all participants – Gen 2:19
– Father, by your Spirit, empower your servant (Bishop David Oyedepo) and other ministers for maximum impact throughout Shiloh 2019 – 2 Cor 3:6
– Father, release afresh upon the Apostle over this commission, the Spirit of Wisdom required to match the demands of Shiloh 2019 – Deut 34:9
– Father, send us your word at Shiloh 2019, thereby opening new chapters to the lives of all participants – 2 Cor 3:18
– Father, let your word come with power for instant healing and deliverance for all the oppressed – Ps 107:20
– Father, let your presence dominate this years’ Shiloh 2019 live broadcast, thereby making it a mountain of transformation indeed for all participants – 1 Sam 3:21
– Father, let Shiloh 2019 be a most peaceful event, thereby providing a platform for signs and wonders among your people – Ps 46:10
– Father, we decree perfect weather all through Shiloh. The sun shall not be scouring and the cloud shall withhold its rain – Job 37:22
– Father, show yourself strong and mighty in the lives of all participants at Shiloh 2019, both at Canaanland and in all the viewing centres across the globe – Zeph 3:17

Get the Shiloh 2019 Winners’ Chapel prayer points in PDF here.

Shiloh 2020 Daily Programme Guide

This, below, is the programme schedule for Shiloh 2020 of the Winners’ Chapel worldwide when it starts:

Time                                 Programme

5:30 am– 6:30 am             Shiloh Prayer Hour

7:00 pm – 12 noon              Word Encounter

1:00 pm – 3 pm                   Special Classes

3:00 pm – 5 PM                    Youth Alive Forum

7:00 pm – 10 pm                  Night of Encounter

NB: This will be the daily programme schedule at 2020 Shiloh of the Winners’ Chapel after the first day.

Shiloh 2020 Messages Free Download

You can download Shiloh 2020 messages in audio and video online on YouTube or the Winners’ Chapel live stream website.

Shiloh 2020 Speakers

The Shiloh 2020 Turnaround Encounters will feature speakers like Bishop David Oyedepo, Bishop David Abioye, Bishop Thomas Aremu, Pastor Faith Oyedepo Pastor David Oyedepo Jr, and many more.

Winners’ Chapel Shiloh 2020 Turnaround Encounters Banner

We’d also share the Shiloh 2020 Turnaround Enconters banner as seen below:



  1. Wonderful a divine turnaround is about to happen in my life after missing church for many years. The first Sunday got me deferents alerts

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