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2020: What MFM’s Olukoya Said In New Year Prophecies About Nigeria

Nigerians should pray as the New Year 2020 would be messy, according to the General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) Daniel Olukoya’s prophecies.

According to MFM’s Olukoya who declared 2020 the year of Revival and New Glory, there will be a surge in the resurrections of powers.

He also predicted that many leaders across the world would be removed, as he said disobedience to God in 2020 will come with grave consequences.

Also, one of his 2020 prophecies predicted that there will be strange sexual perversions as the dog spirit will be unleashed on earth.

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MFM Olukoya 2020 New Year Prophecies For Nigeria, World

Here are the prophecies below:

1. 2020 is a year where disobedience to God would yield a terrible result that no deliverance can reverse.

2. More than any other year the enemy plans to bring the dog spirit (strange sexual perversions).

3. Year where round the clock prayers are needed against national restlessness.

4. This year impatience would lure many Into strange marriages.

5. A year not only to take back what the enemy has stolen but for you to occupy new territories.

6. Hot prayers are required in 2020.

7. This year would be messy and confusing.

8. Year when some many leaders would be shifted away.

9. A year where all things many have planted and watered in the past years would now begin to produce fruits.

10. Year where many who have endured a season of darkness and delay would sing their song and dance their dance.

11. Year of returns of long-time prodigals.

12. Year we must return to our ancient landmark ( holiness and righteousness.

13. Year of perfection for vision.

14. Year of positive and negative harvest.

15. Extraordinary and sacrificial giving would yield powerful result this year.

16. 2020 would be an up and down year.

17. Year that the Lord shall tear in pieces kingdom of those boasting against him.

18. Season where that which that has delayed the blessing of God’s children shall be dashed to pieces.

19. Resurrection power would bring back dry bones.

20. The lord would bring a fresh start for a lot of people.

21. The lord would bring a fresh start for a lot of people.

22. Year for rewriting negative family history.

23. Year of aggressive prayers against voices from the foundation.

24. Year of unbelievable answers to prayers.

25. Year of it can only be God testimonies.

26. Year where many captives would divorce their chains.

27. Year for consistently deploying the blood of Jesus.

28. Year when the Lord shall dash to pieces kingdom of evil rulers.

29. Many families shall climb to a new height of victory.

30. Year when sins must be more sensitive to heaven frequencies.

31. Food supplies from the kingdom of Herod shall be cut off.

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