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33 Beautiful Wedding Anniversary Prayers, Message, Blessings, Wishes +Bible Verse

These happy wedding anniversary prayers, wishes, blessings, and messages, were carefully picked to help couples celebrate this special moment in their lives.

Wedding Anniversaries: How Important? 

Wedding anniversaries are important as they are annual celebrations to mark the date a husband married a wife. Couples often mark this occasion by celebrating their relationship/marriage, either publicly or privately depending on their choice.

It’s easy to fall in love but staying in so is considerably more difficult that’s why most couples see it as a necessity to mark their wedding anniversaries with special prayers, wishes, and blessings among other things.

History of Wedding Anniversaries!

Historically, wedding anniversaries began long ago in the Roman empire. It was recorded that during this time, husbands will celebrate their wives by crowning them on particular landmark years. For instance, on the 25th anniversary, wives are crowned with a wreath of silver, and on their 50th-anniversary wives will be crowned with a wreath of gold (This is often referred to as the Golden Jubilee in our present generation).

But as traditions began to change centuries later, wedding anniversaries are now marked annually with the exchange of gifts and pleasantries, blessings, messages and prayers from husbands to their wives and vice versa. Friends, sisters, brothers, bosses, and colleagues also join in the fray to wish the couple well on their special day.

One of the importance of marking and celebrating a wedding anniversary is that it shows that people recognise their marriages to be one of their priorities. This celebration can also help in remembering the past in such a positive way that can give people a moment of relief and joy in their marriage. A wedding anniversary helps to create new memories and traditions. For instance, it helps couples to recall the first time they met, their first date, their first kiss, etc. This memory often refreshes the relationship between the couple and gives them an avenue to renew their love and vow to each other.

Wedding Anniversary Prayers, Wishes, Blessings

In this post, we have curated some of the most romantic and heart-warming wedding anniversary prayers, wishes, and blessings. You can send them as messages to your spouse – husband, wife – boss, friend, sister, brother, or whoever is marking their marriage date.

Below are some of the happy wedding anniversary prayers, wishes, and blessings: 

Wedding Anniversary Prayers, Wishes for Myself

1. On this wedding anniversary, I pray that my love for my spouse is renewed continually and daily without hitches.

2. Just as rivers flow without obstruction, so shall my love for you my spouse flow without stopping.

3. Love is easy at first sight, but difficult as time goes on but my prayer is that let my love for you my spouse be continuously easy as it was from the beginning; let it never die.

Wedding anniversary prayers to my husband/wife

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4. I pray that as we celebrate this anniversary, you will have reason to love and cherish me more than when our love started.

5. You have been a wonderful spouse for these past periods. As we renew our love, may your light not go down, and may your beauty continue to blossom as lilies in the field. You are amazing my love.

6. I would never think of having any other spouse than you; your love is like the morning dew that drops with freshness. I pray that this love brings delightful pleasantries to your path and joy unending my love.

7. Your love my spouse is the talk of the town; our marriage has become the envy of many because your love towards me is amazing. As we celebrate our anniversary, may you find peace in all your endeavors and success in all your efforts in this new year of our marriage. Happy anniversary, baby!

Happy First Wedding Anniversary Prayers

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8. Anything first signifies the head. This is our first marriage anniversary which means our marriage will be the lead and example to other marriages in Jesus’ name

9. Our first-year anniversary talks about freshness; as we celebrate our first-year anniversary, our marriage shall be freshened up and garnished with unending love, joy, and loads of blessing.

10. This is just the beginning of our love; it’s like we just met yesterday. As we mark our first year anniversary, our marriage will experience a firsthand increase of love, a firsthand increase of favour, and a firsthand increase of happiness in Jesus’ name.

Wedding Anniversary Prayers for Parents

11. Mum and dad, I have watched both of you grow and stay in love. As you celebrate your wedding anniversary, may the love you have for each other not die.

12. My lovely parents, our family is united today because you accepted to continue in love. I am glad to have you as my parents! Happy wedding anniversary celebration, and keep enjoying your marriage!

13. The joy that exudes from both of you each time you tell the stories of how you met, signifies that this union is divine; your love for each other has never gone down, rather it keeps growing. My prayer is that this joyous moment of yours brings more blessings to your marriage. Happy anniversary dad and mum!


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Wedding anniversary prayers, blessings to a friend/brother/sister

14. If there is any marriage I want to emulate, it’s your marriage, and it is a union bounded with love and happiness. Happy anniversary dear brother.

15. I remembered the day we were at the wedding. Years have gone and it still looks like yesterday. Happy wedding anniversary my friend. Your marriage is honourable!

16. Just like ants are attracted to sugar so shall joy, happiness, and unending love continue in your marriage and home. Happy wedding anniversary my dear sister!

Wedding anniversary prayers, wishes for me and my husband

17. My prayer for you and your husband as you celebrate your wedding anniversary is that the blessing of marriage will be doubled in your home this season in Jesus’ name!

18. I have watched your marriage for years now, and I know it is one of a kind. Happy wedding anniversary to you and your husband!

19. You and your husband are love birds that every spouse loves to watch. It’s your marriage anniversary today! May both of you flourish in God’s blessing and favour.

Short Happy Wedding Anniversary Prayers

20. Wedding anniversary is a season of reflection and celebration of the faithfulness of God. My prayer is that this marriage will experience full blessings. Happy anniversary

21. It’s another celebration of this glorious union. Let the love that began this union never get drained in Jesus’ name!

22. Joy and love are the major ingredients that make a lively and prosperous home. May they not miss in your home in Jesus’ name. Happy anniversary!

Wedding anniversary prayers, wishes to my boss

23. Happy wedding anniversary to you boss; you have been a wonderful leader. I wish your home a prosperous and enjoyable new season in your marriage!

24. Boss, your marriage has been a blessing to my life. Each time I get close to you, I see the possibility of enjoying a home without problems. Happy anniversary boss. Your home is blessed.

25. Happy wedding anniversary boss. May every blessing you desire in your home be manifest in this new season in your family in Jesus’ name.

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Prayers

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26. 25th is a silver jubilee, and it still looks like the union began yesterday. I wish your marriage success unimaginable in this new phase of your marital journey!

27. 25 years in marriage sounds like a long time but yours still looks very young. On this 25 years of marriage, may you experience double marital blessing and favour in Jesus’s name!

28. Happy Silver jubilee wedding anniversary celebration. May the love that kept this union till now take it to a new realm of an abundance of love and joy. Happy anniversary!

More Wedding anniversary messages, wishes

29. I pray that your marriage increases in love and harmony as you celebrate your wedding anniversary!

30. I pray that the joy that will make your marriage flourish be released to your home in Jesus’s name… Happy wedding anniversary!

31. Every marriage is accompanied by a blessing. May the blessings of God be doubled in your home as you celebrate your wedding anniversary!

32. The provisions of God make every marriage sweet and joyous. May your home experience these beyond human comprehension. Happy anniversary!

33. As you celebrate your wedding anniversary, may your home have reasons to rejoice this new season, and may the love in this union be ever fresh. Happy anniversary!

Conclusion of wedding anniversary prayers, messages and wishes

So, there you go: a compilation of romantic, heartwarming, and religious/Christian happy wedding anniversary prayers, wishes, blessings and messages. Don’t forget to share with your friends and ask them to visit the Prayer Points Altar for more great content! Happy wedding anniversary!

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