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Accessing Divine Guidance: 5 Striking Things Bishop Oyedepo Said In Sunday Message

Bishop David Oyedepo during his message at the Winners’ Chapel church service on Sunday, August 16th, 2020, preached divine guidance.

The Founder of the Living Faith Church was speaking in his sermon at the Faith Tabernacle headquarters of the ministry in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

“God is still leading His people today (Psalm 32:8). God is expressing His commitment in instructing us, to leading us and to guiding us,” he said.

“The reason why no devil can check us out of here is that we are led here. I heard God say to me, “this is the place.”

“So, all the demonic strongholds in the land fled. You know when God leads, the red sea clears the way. When God leads, Pharaoh’s army are drowned in the sea. When God leads, supplies never ends. You will never miss out of God’s leading anymore in your life.”

His sermon during the Covenant Day of Family which also doubled as the Anointing Service for the month of August specifically thought the members how to access divine guidance.

He said divine guidance is critical to living a great and fulfilled life as Christians, calling on the congregants to always ask for direction in whatever they do.

Aside from teaching the congregants how to access divine favor, Bishop Oyedepo also explained some of the signs of divine leading.

5 Striking Things Bishop Oyedepo Said In His Sunday Message

Here are some of the interesting things the cleric said in his message this Sunday in case you missed church:

1. Through Prayer and Fasting

Fasting is prescribed for accessing divine guidance (Isaiah 58:6,11). His guidance delivers from the torture of dry seasons. He shows us the way to go through the act of prayer and fasting (Ezra 8:21-23).

Why is this Church not growing? I proclaimed a 3 day fast among us who are staff (3 plus myself making 4) and on the third day, the Lord led the way out of a crawling Church ministry and brought us into this awesome experience of explosive growth across the nations of the earth. 3 days only.

2. By being in love with God
…ALL things I have heard of my Father, I have made known unto thee – including the way to go; the steps to take; the brake to apply (John 15:15, 1 Corinthians 2:9-10). That’s your new level. Stay in love with God, not just singing love songs, not just speaking love words but proving the sincerity of your love by loving what God loves most.
God’s greatest love on earth is the salvation of souls (John 3:16, John 21:15-17). A tireless pursuit for the salvation of the souls of men both on the altar of prayer and in reaching out to them in soul winning. It’s one way to validate our love for God and that brings us into the realm of visions and revelations.

3. Through visions and revelations
God showed Paul the way to go by a heavenly vision as He struck him on the way to Damascus and unveiled to him the things he must suffer for His name; Paul said, “I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision” (Acts 26:19).

God still unveils His plan through visions and revelations today (Job 2:28). We are in the age of visions and revelations.

I was in an 18-hour drawn out vision before the Lord, it’s still like yesterday to me.
There is no way Moses can forget the burning bush. It’s an experience that sticks.
There is no way Paul could forget how he was struck blind on the way to Damascus.
There is no way I can forget in my life how I met with Jesus for 18 long hours and He showed me the predicament of mankind. I saw them groaning and agonizing for rescue. The groaning was so intense that I couldn’t help it, I joined in the groaning and began to ask, “Why Lord?” He told me, “From the beginning, it was not so and now the hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the world of faith and I am sending you to undertake this task.”

It’s not a Church that is formed by a group of people: “let’s form something and let’s call it Living Faith Church, we’ll call it Winners’ Chapel, we’ll call another one Faith Tabernacle.” It is not formed, it is created.
1982, He said, “you will be standing in one place and I will cause what you are saying to be seen on the screen across the nations of the world.”
We had as high as 160 nations during lock down that are constantly on with us in our services. Whatever God creates cannot be destroyed by man.
We had testimonies of corona virus healing – online healings sir from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, USA, UK, Spain because God said so. When God said, “let there be light, no devil has been able to stop it.”
Whatever God says, it is unstoppable by man. Any effort by man or group of people is an effort in futility.


4. When God leads, you are inbuilt with divine confidence. Do you know how 3 million people approached the Red Sea? That would appear suicidal, but they knew they were not going to be drowned. If they knew they would be drowned, many would run back.

When the sea saw them coming, 3 million people, the sea gave way (Psalm 114:3). You think the sea has no sense
When Pharaoh said, “this is a very good time, let’s run after them.” He took off the wheels from their chariots and covered the strength of Egypt under water (Exodus 14:25).

When God leads, He inbuilds with divine confidence.

5. Supernatural Favour
When God is leading, favour usually accompanies the led (Psalm 23:1, 6). When the Lord is leading, favour keeps following. Following the leading of the Lord commits favour to keep following you. You will never run favour dry anymore in the name of Jesus Christ.

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