[Book] How To Hear From God In Simple Ways (PDF Copy)

Do you even know how He speaks? As Christians, most of us are conflicted about how God actually speaks. This book through stories helps you to better understand how to hear from God.

Moreso, when there are lots of voices populating the world today.

In this memoir of thrilling storytelling, the author leads you on a journey from his childhood to adulthood, drawing you into his struggles, pains and frustrations of discovering how God speaks through life’s experiences for clarity and purpose.

When you know how God speaks to you, your intimacy level with Him grows and enriches your spiritual life. The revelations in this book, which are couched in the experiences of the author will help you find the clarity you need to run with God purposefully.

It is a Christian book with a narrative edge.

The book is available in hardcover, paperback, and digital.

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