Full List Of Christian Prayer Camps In Nigeria For Retreat (How To Plan One)


What is a Prayer camp or retreat?

A prayer camp or retreat is basically an isolated centre a Christian can go to have quiet time to pray and study the word of God.

Prayer camp is a religious establishment or building where people, either youths or old, go to seek spiritual solutions to the problems.

A prayer retreat or camp is to a religious person what hospitals are to a sick person.

People go to Christian prayer camps or retreats to seek for spiritual solutions to their problems and in Nigeria, we have various prayer camps in Abuja Lagos and every other part of the country.

At a point in your life, you might feel the need to get clarity about a particular situation in your life and so going for a Christian prayer retreat or camp in Nigeria is one of the ways to get a direction from God.

The solitary nature of many prayer camps in Nigeria as well as across the world enables you to clear your mind from the hassles of everyday life.

Aside from that, as a believer, you will need time alone With God to rekindle your fire and zeal for the Christian race

 How to Maximize Christian Prayer Camp or Retreat

  1. Choose Place; Time For the Prayer Camp or retreat

Now,  if you are going for a prayer retreat center in one of the camps in Lagos Abuja or any other part of Nigeria the first thing you must do is pick a particular location and time.

This is especially important for those who have a full-time job; you might decide to go for a prayer retreat centre or camp during your annual leave casual leave or even during a public holiday.

It is important to look at your calendar and pick the most convenient where you can have your retreat in any of the prayer time in Nigeria.

Later on in this article,  I would be sharing with you the Christian prayer camps centres or retreats in Nigeria particularly in Lagos and Abuja where you can hold your prayer retreat once you have picked a convenient date for yourself.

  1. Have a reason

Having selected a particular time for your prayer camp or retreat, the next thing you should have a mind is why am I going for this prayer retreat?

This is important as it will guide you in your activities while in the prayer camp.

Is it clarity about your assignment in life?  Are you asking God for specific directions in your academics; in your marriage; in your relationship or in your job?

Your reason for heading to a prayer camp to have a retreat with God will not be the same as that of every other person.

In fact, it is like the Biblical saying that as our faces are different so also our problems are different.

Know what you want and why you are going to any Nigerian Christian prayer retreat camp to seek the face of God this will enable you to not just give a sense of direction but help you in measuring if you have gotten the answer to your heart desires for going camping or prayer retreat.

  1. Prepare well; take all you need

Also, you must prepare adequately before heading out for a prayer retreat in any of the camps in Lagos Abuja or other parts of Nigeria.

Ensure you have clothes, books; your Bible and other essentials before going for a prayer retreat

  1. Remove distractions 

It is equally essential to avoid every form of destruction why you are undergoing your prayer retreat.   You can enter the prayer come with your mobile device laptop or any other electronic devices.  However, ensured that these gadgets do not begin to distract you from why you came to the prayer camp.

In fact, some people keep their mobile devices at home before heading for the prayer camp to avoid distraction

What you can do in Prayer camps or retreat?

What are some of the things that you can do in a Christian prayer camp near you?  I mean when you are undergoing a prayer retreat, what can you do at that point in time?

  1. Praying

This is one of the primary things you can do at prayer camps in Nigeria.  In fact, that is why it is even called a prayer retreat.  The solitary nature of prayer camps in Lagos and every other area in Nigeria offer ample time to seek the face of God through prayers

  1. Singing and dancing

You can also sing and dance in thanksgiving to God during a prayer retreat.  The Bible tells us to enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into his court with praise.  Use the opportunity in a prayer camp to sing and dance to God as you undergo your retreat

  1. Reading the word

Interestingly, studying the word of God has never been more stimulating than doing so while in prayer retreat.

  1. Prayer walk

Most prayer camps in Nigeria have a large landmass which offers you the opportunity to take a walk.

You can join other believers who are also in camp to take a prayer walk.  You will not just be praying but at the same time, you are also exercising.  Isn’t that wonderful?  Your guess is as good as mine.

  1. Studying Christian literature

Aside from the above point, you can also study several Christian pieces of literature while in prayer retreat.  it could be books or pamphlets that you did not have enough time to study before coming to the camp.

Prayer camps in Lagos, Abuja and other parts of Nigeria

And so now that you have seen what you need and how you can effectively maximize your prayer retreat, I will go ahead to list the various prayer camps in Lagos, Abuja and some other part of Nigeria.

Also, I will include some prayer mountains Ori Oke especially those in Osun, Ibadan among others.

These places are great for holding prayer retreat either as a person or as a group.

Below is a list of prayer retreat camps, starting from Abuja, Lagos and then other parts of Nigeria:

Alone With God Camp 

The Alone with God Camp is located in Nigeria’s Capital Territory, Abuja and offers cheap single rooms for those undergoing a prayer retreat.

It is located along Gwagwalada Road, Abuja, Nigeria and is ideal for an individual or group prayer retreat or camping

MFM Prayer City

MFM Prayer City is in Lagos Nigeria and provides a great place to have a retreat and seek the face of God.

The MFM Prayer City has various accommodations with prayers going on 247 in the camp. It is owned by the mountain of fire miracles Ministries headed by Dr. D Olukoya.

Mount Carmel

The Mount Carmel prayer camp also offers you a nice place to pray.  It is in Ifewara, Ogun State and has huts specifically prepared for prayers.

Ideally, you go into the prayer hut during the day time and return to your room at night; it is also advisable to go with your food and drinks as they are quite pricey in that area.

Bible Guest House of Nigeria 

The Bible Guesthouse was established in 1994 as a Christian organisation with the aim of providing affordable lodging and hotels for individual and corporate meetings.

The Bible Guest House of Nigeria is in Lagos and Abuja the Federal Capital Territory.  In Lagos, for instance, the Bible Guest House of Nigeria has 38 guest rooms and 42 in Abuja including a penthouse.

God Head Camp, Benin City

Prayer Retreat Camps: More Places

There are other prayer retreat camps in Lagos, Abuja and other parts of the country, Nigeria as follows:

Christ Arsenal Retreat Centre, Egba,

School of Missions, Ede, Osun

Redemption Camp, along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

Gethsemane Prayer Mountain, Eleyele, Ibadan.

Ori Oke Ikoyi, Osun State.

Shalom Prayer Camp Ministry, Abuja

St. Benedict Monastery

In Ewu-Esan, Edo State, this location is a great place to undergo a Prayer repeat as it opens its talk to people from all walks of life.  It can host about 50 guests

List of Ori Oke Prayer Mountains in Lagos, Osun, Ibadan, Nigeria

These are the prayer mountains in Nigeria:

Ori-Oke Baba

The Ori-Oke Baba is in Ede in Osun state and attracts a whole lot of people who are seeking for spiritual rejuvenation.  It is also a tourist destination.

It has a building which serves as the church at the top of the Mountain where you can have your prayer

 Prayer Mountain in Ibadan Ori-Oke Ikoyi

It is located is in Ede, Osun state but only available for men; prayers are offered throughout the whole day in this mountain.  You cannot walk with your shoes on this mountain irrespective of who you are in society.

This mountain was established in 1935 by Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola

CAC Koseunti, Oke Erinmo, Erinmo-Ijesa

The C.A.C Koseunti Oke-Erimo is located in Erinmo-General and is a great place for people In search of God healing and other miracles

Some of them spend these enable moons seeking solutions or answers to their questions.  This prayer mountain in Nigeria has certain rules and regulations like quiet prayer in the morning and you will not also wear your shoes while there.

You can, however, eat and drink in this prayer mountain but not allowed to go near the altar.

It also has a mysterious shore of water which is said to possess healing powers.

Prayer Camps In Accra, Other Parts of Ghana

I have added as a bonus, some prayer camps in Accra and other parts of Ghana where youths and groups, as well as individuals, can go for the retreat  here:

1. Mount Horeb

2. Achimota Forest

3. MOGPA (Rev. Osei Bonsu) – Ghana’s Prayer Camps

4. Hebron Prayer Camp

5. Abasua Prayer Camp

6. Bethel Prayer Camp

7. Resurrection Power New Generation Church Prayer

8. Edumfa prayer Camp

9. Adwuma Prayer Camp

10. Okanta Prayer Camp

Prayer Camps In Nigeria: Conclusion

Did you enjoy this piece on prayer camps and mountains where you can have your retreat?

If you know other prayer camps in Lagos, Abuja, Osun State, Ibadan or any place in Nigeria, do share with me!

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