Living Faith Church Winners’ Chapel 2021 Theme Declaration And Slogan


The Living Faith Church aka Winners’ Chapel theme for 2021 as declared by the Founder of the Church, Bishop David Oyedepo.

Winners’ Chapel 2021 Theme

The Winners’ Chapel officially declared 2021 theme is Turnaround Era.

Below is the full text of the official declaration of the Winners’ theme of the year:

Prophetic Declarations The year 2021 is declared your TURNAROUND ERA.

° The Year 2021 shall be our year of supernatural turnaround as a church and as an individual.

° The year 2021 shall be a year of laughter all the way all through for you and your household

° The year 2021 shall be a year of all-round rest for all faithful stewards in this church.

° The year 2021 being the 40th year of this mandate, God is bringing us to our Promised Land flowing with milk and honey both as a church and as individuals.

‘Picture your promise land and lift up your two hands and begin to appropriate the blessedness of that promise land on your life. You have seen it. Welcome to your garden of Eden’.

Winners’ Chapel 2021 Logo 

Here is one of the logos for 2021 for the Winners’ Chapel international



  1. I am praying that the good Lord to bless me spiritually, physically, financially, academically and also to grant me the strenth and courage to face all my daily challenge amen.


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