Nathanielblow’s Hallelujah Challenge May 2020 Date, Live Stream, Watch Online Now

The 2020 Hallelujah Challenge will start on Sunday, 10th May 2020 to 23rd of the month with worshippers able to stream it live, according to the organizer Nathaniel Bassey.

Prayer Points Altar learned that Nathanielblow’s Hallelujah Challenge started in 2017 and is a praise, prayer and worship event that lasts for an hour during the 14-day period.

Whenever the Hallelujah Challenge which holds live on Nathanielblow’s Instagram and Facebook page starts, testimonies also emerge and the May 2020 edition is set not to lower the mark.


Important Things To Note About 2020 Hallelujah Challenge By Nathaniel Bassey

Here are important points you must note about the May 2020 Hallelujah Challenge, according to the Nathaniel Bassey:

1. It’s an hour-long online praise program UNTO THE LORD.
2. What time of the day does it hold? – 12 midnight (Nigerian Time.)
3. When does it start? 10th May 2020. That is Sunday night.
4. How many days would this be for? – 14 days.

5. What about the fast? The fast is happening alongside the challenge. Though not compulsory, all are encouraged to partake.
6. What time does it end daily? The fast should end at 6 pm daily.
7. Any prayer points? Yes. These will be shared daily.
8. Any Bible passages? Yes, these will be shared daily.

Why Hallelujah Challenge Is Holding Live Now

“A time of spiritual renaissance and revival,” the singer noted. “A time to minister unto the Lord. And to cry out to him about our nation(s), Families, and personal lives. Simply put, it’s a time of Divine Encounter.”

2020 Hallelujah Challenge Live Stream: Watch Online Now

This is how to live stream the Hallelujah Challenge on Instagram and Facebook for now:

1. Visit Instagram and open an account (that’s if you don’t have one already).

2. Type “Nathaniel Bassey” into your Instagram search box.
3. Several names will come up but click on “nathanielblow” and follow him.

4. With this, you will get a notification once nathanielblow is LIVE.

5. Get to his page, click on his profile photo and connect to the Hallelujah Challenge live.

Also, you can click on his display photo which will be visible at the top of your Instagram screen once nathanielblow goes live at 12 midnight.

Hallelujah Challenge 2020 Facebook 

Aside from Instagram, worshippers can connect live to the Hallelujah Challenge on Facebook via Nathaniel Bassey’s page here.

Hallelujah Challenge 2020 YouTube 

The Hallelujah Challenge May 2020 YouTube channel where you can watch the prayer and worship event live will be announced soon.

Hallelujah Challenge Testimonies

Below are some of the testimonies from the Hallelujah Challenge with 2020 expected to record more:

On 16/9/19, when l got to the office, l met my boss outside, I greeted him. Later, he came to my office and told me to come so he can take me to our overall boss for my placement. We went and l was marvellously favoured by GOD. Our superior boss agreed to the request. This is something he has refused to consent to for over 3 months now. Within 5 minutes, we were through with a favourable answer. THIS GOD IS TOO MUCH OOH.


God bless you Pastor Nath for allowing God to use you. I have been having this excruciating pain on my left elbow, on the first day of the Hallelujah Challenge, before l went to bed the pain became very severe. While we were praising that night l could not lift my left arm, but after the praise session l went back to sleep woke up in the morning,, with all the gone. Thank you, Jesus, for healing me. Waiting for more testimonies. Praise the Lord


My testimony started the d dat I joined d hallelujah challenge GOD has used men to remember me financially what I thought I couldn’t do I see my self doing it now.


Pastor, I needed some money to do some things in school, this morning on my way to school I got a call from my boss who had transferred some money to me, way beyond what I even needed!!! I was in awe! God answers prayers, I couldn’t help it, people in the vehicle with me were just staring at me, I want to return all the glory to God, he has marvellously helped me.


I appreciate God for his marvellous help I was looking else where for financial help while God himself was setting me up for something bigger I received a call for a cash gift way beyond my expectation. To God be the glory


Thanks you Jesus for open doors. On the day of the last Hallelujah challenge, I keyed in and believed God for Favour. It’s already been manifested. I just want to give praise and thanks to God….


Greetings Minister Nathaniel. On the first day of the challenge, you ask us to write 7 things that the LORD will do for us. Interestingly I wrote I want to bless someone. I had no money on my mobile account and given that we have locked down in Cameroon and the possibility to help someone financially was not evident. But that morning 2 people sent me 30k and I have helped 3 persons. God marvellously helped me and I have help others. Praise God. Hallelujah. More testimonies are coming.


My testimony started the d dat I joined d hallelujah challenge GOD has used men to remember me financially what I thought I couldn’t do I see my self doing it now.

PS: Ensure your data connection is working fine to be able to live stream, either on Instagram or Facebook, and enjoy uninterrupted time with God during the Hallelujah Challenge 2020 with Nathanielblow.

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