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RCCG Fasting And Prayer November 2020 Day 3 Prayer Points PDF

The prayer points and Bible verses for day 3 of the RCCG November 2020 fasting and prayer programmes.

RCCG Prayer And Fasting Guide November 2020 PDF

You can find out more about the RCCG November 2020 fasting and prayer in this guideline. 

All prayer points for the full 30 days are available in PDF format there too.

RCCG Fasting Prayer Points Day 3 November 5th, 2020 – Thursday

Below are the Day 3 prayer points for the RCCG November 2020 fasting programme as released by the church:


BIBLE TEXT: Psalms 89:20-22

The nation Israel, just like Nigeria, was highly favoured by God but saddled with both internal and external problems that hindered the purpose of God. Then God found David, who bridged the internal gaps and subdued external oppositions.

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1. Father, we thank you for the creation of this nation Nigeria.
2. Father, we thank you for blessing Nigeria in all areas

3. Father, we thank you for prophesies that revealed your plans and purposes for Nigeria.
4. Father, have mercy on Nigeria and please forgive all our errors in Jesus Name.
5. Father; forgive all our past attitude of ingratitude in Jesus name. 2 Tim 3:2

6. Father, bring forth the David you have prepared for Nigeria in Jesus Name.
7. Father, give us in Nigeria, a leader that knows you though may not be known himself.
8. Father, give us a leader that honours you above all other things like David in Jesus Name.
9. Father give us a leader that will transform the lives of all that are frustrated in this nation.

10.Father, give us a leader that will silence all that are singing the song of division in Nigeria.
11.Father, please give us a leader that will deliver us from all forms of external oppression in Jesus Name.
12.Father, please give us the leader that will silence and disappoint all the external forces that believe nothing good can come out of Nigeria.

13.Father give us the leader that will bridge the gap between the East and West, and between the North and South in Jesus Name.
14.Father give us a leader that will always seek your approval before taking crucial decisions.
15.Oh God raise up people like the Joseph, David, Daniel for the revival of our
nation in Jesus name.

16.Father, give Nigeria a leader that will bring back the glory of this nation that was lost in Jesus Name.
17.Father give a leader that will openly declare you as the God of Nigeria in Jesus Name.
18.Father give us the leader that will deliver this nation from the hand of devourers in Jesus Name. Mal 3:11

19.Lord we pray for the leader that will restore the tabernacle of God to Nigeria in Jesus name.
20.Lord arise and turn the enemies of Nigeria against themselves, in Jesus



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