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RCCG November 2020 Fasting Prayer Points For Day 5 Saturday

These are the prayer points for day 5 of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) November 2020 fasting and prayer programme. 

RCCG Fasting And Prayer Guide November 2020 PDF

Already the full prayer points and the guide for this 30 days November 2020 RCCG fasting and prayer programme has been published in a PDF format.

The church gave the following as a guide for the fasting and prayers 2020:

Normal Fast – November 3 – December 2, 2020 – from midnight to 6 pm daily

Marathon Fast – 3rd – 16th November 2020 DRY

Option 3 – Dry Fast from 3rd to 9th of November and Normal Fast from 10th to 25th of November 2020

To get it, kindly visit this post on the Prayer Points Altar blog.

RCCG Fasting Prayer Points Day 5 November 7th, 2020 – Saturday

Here are the fasting prayer points and Bible verses for Saturday 7th, Day 5 of the RCCG November 2020 fasting and prayer programme:

TEXT(S): ISAIAH 49:24-26. EXODUS 1:11-15
It was sin that led man into captivity of the devil, 1. John 3:8, Only Jesus can
set a nation free, John 8:36. As we pray for Nigeria, Jesus will set our nation
free in Jesus mighty name.
1. Father, we thank you for your mercy that endure for ever, Psalms 136:1
2. Father, we thank you for all powers belong to you, Mathew 28:18,
3. Father, we thank you for your blood that was shed for our Redemption,
Galatians 3:13.
4. Father, thank you for your mercies that brought about the creation of Nigeria
to fulfil divine destiny of greatness. James 2:13.
5. Father arrest, cut to piece that serpent in the wilderness that has been
released all over the nation to swallow progress and a new beginning. Exo.
6. Father anyone that has vowed to bury righteousness in Nigeria disgrace and
blot them out of this nation in your own way. Prov. 14:34.
7. Father any force anywhere that have hijack peace and good governance
in Nigeria command them to fail and fall woefully. Luk. 10.18.
8. Let us plead for mercy for the killings and reckless wastages of human lives
going on in Nigeria without culprits and without justice
9. Let us plead the blood of Jesus for the cleansing of the land of Nigeria
10. O God we destroy every altars of witchcraft thirsty and demanding for
blood in Nigeria. Isa 10:27
7 | P a g e
11. Many are still in the prisons of the kidnappers; Father; Arise and set the
captives free.
12. Father, we thank you for our time of deliverance has come, psalm
13. Father, arise and deliver Nigeria from satanic captivity Isaiah 49:24-26
14. Father, let the power in the blood of Jesus deliver Nigeria from all
bondages. Rev. 12:11.
15. Father, let the power in the blood of Jesus cancel every satanic covenant
with Nigeria
16. Father, let the power in the blood of Jesus deliver and separate Nigeria
from every evil alliance and association
17. Father; destroy the mentality of quick money without work in Nigeria.
18. Father expose the hideouts of all kidnappers and ritual killers in Nigeria
19. Father; as many that are behind the shedding of innocent blood in anyway,
bring them to judgment in Jesus name.
20. Father. Joblessness is a major challenge for our teeming youths, in your
own way make a way for our youths to be gainfully engaged in Jesus name.

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