RCCG November 2020 Fasting Prayer Points For Friday Day 4

The prayer points for day four – Friday, November 6th- of the RCCG November 2020 fasting and prayer. It also contains Bible verses to help you maximise the fasting and prayer event.

RCCG Prayer And Fasting Guide November 2020 PDF

You can find out more about the RCCG November 2020 fasting and prayer in this guideline. 

All prayer points for the full 30 days are available in PDF format there too.

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RCCG Fasting Prayer Points Day 4 November 6th, 2020 – Friday

Here are the fasting prayer points for Friday 6th, Day 4 of the RCCG November 2020 fasting and prayer programme: 

More than ever before in our nation’s history, we are in a time when the church
in Nigeria is being intimidated and threatened for preaching the gospel. Let us
look up to God as the early Christians did
1. Father: We thank you for been our help in ages past and our hope for the
years to come.
2. Father we will never and ever be ungrateful to you for your kindness in
answers to our prayers.
3. We plead for mercy, in all areas of our short comings and trespasses as a
church. Let the blood of Jesus avail for us in Jesus name
4. Father; we are tired of the valley, revive and take your church in Nigeria to
the mountain top. Hos 6:1-3
5. We receive afresh upon your church in Nigeria spirit of love, power and of
sound mind 2 Tim 1:7
6. Father, establish your church in righteousness that we may not be
intimidated by the enemy. Prov 28:1
7. The disciples of old were forbidding from preaching the gospel, but they
overcame. Father; deliver us from every forms of harassment. Acts 4:18
8. Father give your church the courage to speak and declare the testimony of
Jesus without fear Acts 4:20
9. Father; in the face of threat from terrorists, kidnappers, and ritualists, let
your Church begin to wax stronger and progress in Jesus name
10. Father put an end to the reign of terror in Nigeria
11. Father; deliver all those in the captivity of terrorists by fire in Jesus name
12.Father; Cause a revival in your church, to love righteousness and hate
iniquity. 1 Tim 6:11
13.Father pour thy grace and blessings upon us, and make your church farer
above the world Psa 45:2
14.O most mighty Father repositions your church in the place of power to show
forth your glory and majesty. Ps. 45:3
15.Father let your church ride in prosperity because of truth, meekness and
righteousness. Ps. 45:4
16.Father Let the enemy of your Church in Nigeria be subdued Ps. 45:5
17.In unity there is strength. Father let there be unity amongst different
denominations and churches in Nigeria
18.Father; In the current wave of persecutions of the church in Nigeria, let all
things work together for church growth in Jesus name. Acts 11:19
19.Father; let as many Christians that terrorism has scattered away from their
domain be gathered and restored in Jesus name.
20.Father; restore those whose homes have been destroyed who are now in
IDPs camps.

RCCG November Fasting Prayer Points



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