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Winners’ 2021 Fasting: How To Engage In Kingdom Advancement Prayers

Bishop David Oyedepo of the Winners’ Chapel on Tuesday taught about how to engage in kingdom advancement prayers and endeavors as 2021 continues.

During the Covenant Hour of Prayer (CHOP) held at the Canaanland headquarters of the church, Bishop Oyedepo said kingdom advancement activities should be taken more seriously than personal business.

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While reminding the congregants that they are the Josephs of their families and through them, their households would be saved, the Founder of the Winners’ Chapel also called the Living Faith Church, explained that a prayer assembly is a growing assembly.

“Every growing Church is a praying Church,” he reiterated. “Every growing Church must remain a praying Church to keep growing. That’s what makes prayer the live wire of every growing Church. It takes prayers to see growth and it takes growth to sustain growth.”

Engaging In Kingdom Advancement Prayers, Endeavours

Below is Bishop Oyedepo’s message on kingdom advancement prayers and endeavours during the Covenant Hour of Prayer (CHOP) on Tuesday:

 You are the Joseph of your family: through you, your family shall be covered. Through you the siege of the wicked shall be over in your family.

Give God thanks for those testimonies:

– Testimony of restoration: whatever you have lost, you are getting them back.

Every affliction of the children of wickedness is over in your family.

Please be reminded that every testimony is a pointer to your heritage in Christ (Psalm 119:111).

No matter what anyone may have lost, this season is declared your season of restoration.

* Every siege against your lineage: the siege of hereditary disease, untimely death, the siege of marital delays, the siege of barrenness; whatever represents a siege against your family, your lineage; you are the Joseph in that family, there must be a reversal.


We said yesterday, “every growing Church is a praying Church. Every growing Church must remain a praying Church to keep growing.”

That’s what makes prayer the live wire of every growing Church.

It takes prayers to see growth and it takes growth to sustain growth.

We travail to birth them into Christ, we travail to see them established in the Kingdom (Galatians 4:19).

You can’t transfer the labour room for a child to the next.

I was in the labour room the other time and then, “I have done that on behalf of my other children that I will give birth to.” No.

For every child to be born, the labour room is a covenant passage.

The labour room of prayer is the birth place of multitudes into the Kingdom (Isaiah 66:7-8).

They ask women in the labour room: PUSH. You have to push, you better push, you have to push.

You might be a gynaecologist yourself: you are in the labour room, you’ll have to push, your certificate can’t push for you. You’ll have to push.

You can’t give birth without a push.

To birth souls into the Kingdom, we engage in the labour room of prayer where we PUSH to give birth.

– We are going to see wonders this year in the name of Jesus.

The number of disciples multiplied greatly from the labour room of prayer (Acts 6:4,7).

As long as we keep our hands lifted up in prayers after the order of Moses, our soul winning and ingathering efforts shall continue to take territories for Christ (Exodus 17: 11-12, 1 Timothy 2:8).

When our hands are lifted up in prayers, we begin to win victories and take territories for Jesus.

It takes prayers to take territories for Jesus (Luke 11:21-22).

Soul winning is warfare;

Ingathering is warfare;

Taking territories for Christ is warfare.

That’s what we are doing right now: we are taking territories for Jesus in this awesome year of Supernatural Turnaround.

Therefore, all across the nations of the earth where this Commission operates: it’s our Territory Take Over Year.

Jeremiah 29:13

Our hearts must be engaged, for our prayers to be answered. It’s not enough to engage our mouth: our hearts must be engaged for our prayers to be answered.

Jeremiah 30:21

– You will be listed among those I will glorify and make nobles, governors out of, for engaging their hearts to seek unto Me.

This is Heaven’s protocol. God does not look like man looks. Man looks on the outward but God looks into the heart (1 Samuel 16:7, Isaiah 29:13).

You can’t even remember the prayer you’ve prayed: it’s not from the heart.

It’s just your grammatical presentation, it’s not coming from anywhere.

Every prayer truly prayed is not cheaply forgotten because you are praying to get results. You are not praying for praying sake.

It’s possible to pray with the mouth, shout with the lips, but one’s heart is out of the place.

– May all your prayers this season, Kingdom Advancement prayers, personal project prayers, may all of them be emanating from your heart because the scriptures cannot be broken.

Hannah was pouring her soul to the Lord (1 Samuel 1:14-15).

The prayers that command results are prayers from the soul:

“Let this Church be minimum twice its highest annual average attendance since inception.”

Then they announce, ‘First Timers’: Father, I thank You for hearing the prayer from the heart because you prayed it.

Altar call is made and you see crowds: “Father, I thank You for saving all the unsaved that came to Church this morning” because you prayed it. You can even tell when you prayed it.

That’s how to make it work.

Activity that is not rooted in the heart is vain

It’s important to engage our hearts in prayers (Deuteronomy 11:13).

What you need are 2 commandments to make the most of the good of this land:

Love the Lord your God and serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul.

… Serve the Lord in Prayers and Fasting with all your heart, with all your soul (Luke 2:37).

Be more fervent in praying Kingdom Advancement prayers than your projects because it will take care of your projects.

It will secure God’s commitment to your project.

An 84-year old widow who only got married for 7 years and has been a widow all the time; she served God daily with prayers and fastings (Luke 2:37).

When the first and the latter rain comes on, among other things, it wipes away shame and reproach (Deuteronomy 11:14, Joel 2:26).

This year marks the end of every form of shame and reproach in your life.

All we need is to engage our hearts in truth as we serve Him in prayers and fasting this time.

Engage your heart in the process.

It’s not the noise level, it’s the heart level.

– An end has come to all issues of shame and reproach in your life.

– “I will give you plenty of grass for your cattle” – that means your business, career will blossom supernaturally (Joel 2:26).

Engage your heart and watch what God will do with your life supernaturally.

Don’t just try to be there, be there.

There are many Elijahs here this morning, through whose prayers, God will do wonders in this Church.

There are many Hannahs this morning, through whose prayers, God will release our Turnaround package in full.

There are many Elijahs here, through whom God will deliver their families and lineage.

There are many Hannahs here, through whom God will do the unusual this year.

Receive grace for hearty engagement not just in this prayers and fasting season but for life.

From henceforth, you don’t pray with the tip of your tongue anymore. You’re praying from the depth of your heart.

Every time you appear on the prayer altar, you are there with all your being.

There is no way to birth multitudes into the Kingdom without the praying Church, a praying people.

Our going out is great but it’s our praying up that makes our going out produce results.

Oh Lord, help me to be anointed as one of your Elijahs this time who will pray a whole nation to their knees and bring them to the true God.

Your prayers today will be with a difference.





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