Winners’ Chapel 7 Days Fasting And Prayer Points Plus Bible Verses 2022


The Winners’ Chapel 7 days of fasting and prayer points as the Living Faith Church embarks on the operation Change of Story.

Prayer Points Altar learned that the seven days of fasting and prayers of the Winners’ Chapel were announced on Sunday during the church’s service.

“Furthermore, as a critical portion of this operation, a 7-day of Fasting and prayer is hereby proclaimed between Monday, April 4 to Sunday, April 11, 2022, across our church network worldwide,” the church said in a document on its website.

“This is to set the stage for the supernatural delivery of the 4-level dimension of growth, in commemoration of the end of the 7th year of the Wonder Double Prophetic Visitation and the outcome shall be supernatural breakthroughs, both for the church, in terms of growth and expansion, and for us as individuals.”

Prayer Points Winners Seven Days Fasting 

Below are the prayer points for the seven days fasting as declared by the Winners’ Chapel:

  • Father, thank You for the explosive growth we have been experiencing in this Church since the Wonder Double agenda began in 2015 – Jer. 30:19
  • Father, grant supernatural wisdom to every soul winner on the go for Christ, thereby turning many to righteousness all through the ongoing Operation Change of Story prophetic season – Pro. 11:30
  • Father, by the Blood of Jesus, we destroy all satanic strongholds out to resist the full delivery of the four-level dimension growth ordained for this church in this prophetic season – Rev. 12:11
  • Father, in the name of Jesus, let the Holy Ghost take over our harvest field to fully deliver the Prophetic mandate for this prophetic season – Zech. 4:6
  • Father, in the name of Jesus, let every captive ordained for eternal life across our harvest field be released, saved, and established in this Church in this prophetic season – Acts 13:48
  • Father, turn all our new converts and new members into active disciples of Christ, thereby leading many others to Christ and this Church all through this prophetic season – Jn. 4:29/39
  • Father, continue to send us your life-transforming Word in every service, thereby attracting unprecedented multitudes to Christ and this Church all through the prophetic season – Act. 13:44
  • In the name of Jesus, Holy Spirit, grant supernatural utterance that breeds convictions and conversions through everyone on the go for Christ this week, thereby leading many to Christ and to this Church all through this prophetic season – Act. 2:37-38/41



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