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Winners’ Chapel Prophetic Focus For January 2021, Books For The Month

The Winners’ Chapel January 2021 prophetic focus and the recommended books of the month as declared by the Living Faith Church founder, Bishop David Oyedepo.

Prophetic Focus for January 2021

According to a statement from the Winners’ Chapel, the theme and prophetic focus for January 2021 is PRAYER AND FASTING EMPOWERS FULFILMENT OF PROPHECIES – 1 Tim. 1:18.

Declaring January 2021 Prophetic Focus

Turnaround greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.
May I again welcome you to 2021, your year of supernatural turnaround, as I wish you a most empowering, enriching and fulfiling year in all respects in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. As we all know, we have stepped into our promised land, both as a church and as individuals this year 2021, and because God makes all things beautiful in His time, everyone of us is set for a most enviable experience with God this year Ecc. 3:1/11
From scriptures, we understand that every divine agenda is a sworn verdict and the Lord will do nothing except he reveals them to his servant, the prophet – Isa.14:24/Amos 3:7 Prophetically, ‘Supernatural Turnaround’ has been declared as God’s agenda for us in the Winners’ family, both as a Church and as individuals for the year 2021, but to see this prophecy fulfilled, we must, among others:
Receive the prophetic Word in our mind
-Jn. 1:12/Rom.12:1-2/Mat.19:11
Believe it in our heart
– Mak.11:13/Hab.4:2/Luk.1:45
Declare what we believe with our mouth
– Rom.10:10/Mak.16:20/Psa.81:10-14
Work out our part of the deal
– Phi.2:12/Jam.1:22-25/Jam.2:18-24
Walk in consciousness of its reality
-Jn.12:35/1 Sam.2:3
Be rest assured of the end-result and it shall come to pass
Furthermore, we know that every prophetic word shall be contested by the forces of darkness and this is where spiritual warfare comes to play, for everyone that wants to see prophecies fulfiled. As it is written; this charge i commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee,that thou by them mightest war a good warfare” -1 Tim.1:18
But prayer and fasting has proved to be a spiritual platform for victory in spiritual warfare. Jesus Christ, in response to the challange faced by His disciples in dealing with a particular satanic stronghold said; “….this kind goeth not out, but by prayer and fasting.” -Mat.17:21
Every prophetic agenda is a spiritual open door, which usually attracts strong oppositions from hell, and this is why we are called to engage in prayer and fasting in dealing with such strongholds. – 1 Cor.16:9/1 Tim.1:18
We must , therefore, beware lest we sell off our glorious destiny to the belly like Esau, who for a morsel of bread sold his birthright – Heb.12:16 From all the above , it is obvious that the race towards fulfilment of prophecy begins with faith coupled with prayer and fasting, so as to keep all satanic opposition at bay and set the stage for speedy fulfillment of prophecy. -Mat.17:19-21
Therefore, the prophetic focus for the month of JANUARY 2021 is:  PRAYER AND FASTING EMPOWERS FULFILMENT OF PROPHECIES – 1 Tim. 1:18.

Winners’ Chapel Recommended Books For January 2021

The recommended books for January 2021 include:

☑ Winning Prayer
☑ Satan Get Lost
< ☑ Born to Win
☑ Experiencing God in Prayer (by Bishop David Abioye)

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