Winners’ 2023 Covenant Greetings, Exchange (Banner/Logo)


This is the Winners’ covenant greetings and exchange for 2023, released by the Living Faith Church.

Prayer Points Altar learned that the 2023 Winners’ covenant greetings were released during the church’s Entrance Service on January 1st by the Founder and General Overseer of the LFC Bishop David Oyedepo.

Winners 2023 Covenant Greetings, Exchange

The following are the Winners’ Chapel 2023 covenant greetings:

Call: Praise the Lord, I am finally on the Covenant Highways of Life
Response: And so am I in the name of Jesus Christ.
Call: Congratulations.
All: Amen and Amen.

The Winners’ 2023 covenant greetings and prophetic exchange also have a logo/ banner for the new year as seen below:


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