Winners’ Covenant Greetings For 2024 – Call And Answer

This is the Winners’ Covenant greetings for 2024 with call-and-answer responses as released by the Living Faith Church International.

Prayer Points Altar learned that the Winners’ covenant greetings for 2024 or the exchange were released on Cross over by the leader of the church Bishop David Oyedepo.

So, the Winners covenant exchange for 2024 is to be used during LFC meetings and church services and is the greeting to be used when fellow members meet outside.

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Winners’ Covenant Greetings For 2024

Caller: Praise God, fortune is my portion in 2024.

Response: I am also redeemed to flourish in hard times.

Caller: Congratulations.

Both: Amen and Amen.

Kindly note that the Winners’ theme for 2024 is also out and you can find it and many more important content on the Prayer Points Altar blog.

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