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WSF Teaching Outline For August 2022, Prayer Points And Bible Verses

Prayer Points Altar has obtained the WSF teaching outline for August 2022. Aside from this, the outline includes prayer points and Bible verses for the weekly event.

The WSF is the Winners’ Chapel home cell fellowship which holds every Saturday across the world.

You can also check out the Winners’ Chapel August 2022 prophetic focus and books of the month here.

WSF Teaching Outline For August 2022

Below is the WSF teaching outline for August 2022:

Prophetic Focus: JESUS STILL HEALS AND DELIVERS TODAY – Mat. 8:16-17
—Matt. 9:12-13—

 Christ is the ultimate in our search for answers to all our health issues – Act 10: 38/ Mat. 9:13-15/ Mat. 8:17.

 He is our final ‘bus stop’ in our quest for healing, health, and wholeness – Mat. 8:17/ Mat.4:23.

 Jesus repaired damaged parts of the body – Mk. 2:1-12/ Acts 3:5-7.

 Replaced irreparable parts – Lk. 13:16/ Jn. 9:1-8.

 Jesus Christ is still the same, doing the same thing today – Heb. 13:8.

1. Father, thank You for Your manifest presence in our midst and individual lives all through the month of July, which has resulted in diverse blessings upon our lives. Psa. 103:1-2.

2. Father By the blood of Jesus Christ, we shatter every covenant that gives the enemy upper hand to hinder the success and the progress of our family in Jesus’ name. Rev.12:11.

3. Father Lord in the name of Jesus, we curse every evil spirit, evil agenda, evil appointment, evil persons put in place by the enemy to frustrate the health of anyone member of my family. Job 22:28.

4. Father by The Blood of Jesus deliver anyone called sick in this Cell, and terminate the Operation of every spirit Of infirmities Behind Such Sicknesses. Psalm 107:20.

5. Father, gather great multitudes into our Service(s) tomorrow Sunday and establish the escape of any worshipper from all forms of bondage by your word – Isa. 43:19

Week 2 (Sat. 13th Aug, 2022) COME AND MEET WITH JESUS THE GREAT PHYSICIAN – Part 2
 Jesus has power to heal all manner of sicknesses and all manner of diseases – Mat. 4:23.
 Healed all that came to Him – Matt. 8:16-17/Lk. 6:19
 Healed all that were oppressed of the devil – Acts 10:38.
1. Father, thank You for massive salvation and ingathering of souls into this Church all through the concluded prophetic season since the year began. 1Cor. 3:6.
2. Father, we send the Holy Ghost fire to the camp of the enemies. Let there be confusion in their midst in Jesus name as you perfect the health of anyone suffering any ill-health here today. Hebrews 12:29.
3. Father let every form of wickedness against our pastors, their families and members of this church be destroyed. Psa.7:9.
4. Father by the Blood I disconnect myself from every satanic altar working and frustrating God’s purpose in my life. Rev. 12:11.
5. Father, we decree hitch-free movement for all worshippers in and out of church tomorrow Sunday. Ps.105:13-15.

Week 3 (Sat. 20th August, 2022) COME AND MEET WITH JESUS THE GREAT PHYSICIAN – Part 3
 Even the Dead Hears His Voice – Jn. 5:25.
 Jairus daughter and Lazarus heard Him and came back to life – Lk.8:54-55 Jn.11:40-44.
 Anything dying or dead in us still hears His voice today and bounces back to life – Jn. 6:63/ Heb. 13:8
1. Father, thank You for sending us the Word in season in every service, thereby attracting many more to Christ and this Church all through this month. Isa. 50:4.
2. Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, we decree and declare anyone that would not let us rest, let them be laid to rest in Jesus mighty name. Job 22:28.
3. Father, we reject, we refuse, and we resist closed heaven for me and my household as we go on the remaining months of the year, 2022 in Jesus name. Matthew 18:19.
4. Father in the name of Jesus, let every arrow of sickness shot against my life, family and members of this church be destroyed. Isa.54:17.
5. Father, we come against all interferences of weather before, during and after our service(s) tomorrow Sunday, resulting in the influx of multitudes. Phil. 2:10.

NB: Subsequent WSF teaching outlines for August 2022 will be updated with time. Kindly check back!

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