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WSF Teaching Outline February 2023, Prayer Points And Bible Verses

The WSF teaching outline February 2023, prayer points, and Bible verses for Winners’ Chapel home cell fellowship.

Prayer Points Altar learned that the WSF teaching outline for February 2023 is for the home cell meetings which hold every Saturday.

WSF Teaching Outline February 2023

Below is the WSF teaching outline February 2023 and the prayer points, and Bible verses for the home cell fellowship:

Prophetic Theme: LOVE FOR GOD MAKES A LIVING WONDER – 1 Cor. 2:9-10
Teaching Series: Love is Gateway to our Inheritance in Christ – Rev. 5:12.

• As one grows in love, he grows in revelation, thereby accessing his inheritance in Christ– Jn 15:15/ 2 Pet. 1:3/ Rev. 5:12.

• But it is not enough to love God, we must endeavour to stay in love so that we do not fall out with God like Solomon in his later days – 1 Kgs 3:3/ 1 Kgs 11:1/9/14/23.

Our WSF teaching guide this month, ‘Love is Gateway to our Inheritance in Christ’.

WEEK 1 (Sat. Feb. 4, 2023): Love is Gateway to our Inheritance in Christ – Part 1
 The more a believer loves God, the more honourable his/her live becomes – Jhn 12:24-26/ Pro. 14:28/ 1 Sam. 2:30.

 But it takes meekness to keep serving God – Phi. 2:5-9/ Mat. 5:5.

 The Example of Moses – Exo. 11:3/ Num. 12:3

1. Father, thank you for answers to all our prayers all through the 2023 prayer and fasting season – 1 Jn.5:14-15.

2. Father, continue to visit us in our WSF platform this year thereby granting every participant Covenant Highway order of Testimonies – Zeph.3:17.

3. Father, let every member of this Church be turned into an envy of his or her world by an encounter with your word in 2023 – Gen.26:1/14.

4. Father, we decree seasons of multiple changes of levels for the Winners’ family both as individuals and as a Commission in 2023 – Ezk.21:27.

5. Father, send your word into the lives of every worshipper tomorrow that will deliver our multiple turnaround testimonies – Is.9:8.

WEEK 2 (Sat. 11, 2023): Love is Gateway to our Inheritance in Christ – Part 2
 The more we love God, the more blessed we become – 1 Sam. 3:14/ 1 Chr. 29:3-9.

 The Example of Abraham – Isa. 41:8/ Isa. 51:1-3/ Gen. 24:1.

1. Father, thank you for granting open doors towards the full delivery of the Church expansion mandate across the globe this year – Rev.3:7.

2. Father, grant every member of this Church an encounter with your word of ‘Covenant Highway’ all through 2022 that will lead to a dramatic change of stories – Is.9:8.

3. Father, release upon every Winner the zeal for Kingdom advancement prayer, thereby granting us access to be More Than Conquerors this year – Matt.6:6/9.

4. Father, grant every member of this Church an unquenchable thirst for Your Word this year that will result in diverse breakthrough testimonies – Ps.105:19-22.

5. Father, send us your life-transforming word again in our services tomorrow that will open up new chapters to the lives of all worshippers – Ps.107:20.

WEEK 3 (Sat. Feb. 18. 2023): Love is Gateway to our Inheritance in Christ – Part 3
 The more we love God, the wiser we become, because our love for God is our access to the deep things of God – John 15:15/ 1 Cor. 2:9-10
 The Example of Paul – Rom. 8:35-38/ 2 Pet 3:15

1. Father, thank you for empowering every member of this Cell for steadfast all through this year, resulting in ‘Covenant Highway’ order of testimonies – 1Cor.15:58

2. Father, we decree the release of fresh oil upon your Servant the Apostle over this Commission for More than Conquerors order of impact all through this year – Ps.89:20

3. Father, cause an army of world changers to emerge from this Church through diverse encounters this year – Obad.21

4. Father, release the spirit of the fear of the Lord upon us to continue to gain access to Divine wisdom, thereby empowering us to be Covenant Highway in 2023 – Gen.41:42-44

5. Father, show yourself strong and mighty in our services tomorrow thereby establishing A More Than A Conqueror seal upon every worshipper – Zeph.3:17

Asides from this WSF February 2023 teaching outline and prayer points, you can find other content like the Winner’s Chapel Prophetic Focus for the month under review.

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