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WSF Teaching Outline November 2022 And Prayer Points

The Winners’ Satelite Fellowship WSF teaching outline for November 2022 and the prayer points for the month.

Prayer Points Altar understands that the WSF teaching outline for November 2022 and the prayer points will be used for the home cell this month.

WSF Teaching Outline For November 2022

The WSF teaching outline for November 2022:




Teaching Series: KEYS TO LIVING A SANCTIFIED LIFE – Rom. 8:1-2.

(Sat. Nov. 5, 2022): KEYS TO LIVING A SANCTIFIED LIFE – Part 1

Recognize that we are Redeemed to live a Sanctified life – 2 Cor. 5:17.

 By redemption, we are called to live the overcomers’ life – 1 Jhn. 5: 4/ Act. 20:32.

 We must engage an ever-burning prayer altar to live a sanctified life – Lev. 6:12-13/ Matt. 6:9-13/ Matt. 26:41.


1. Father, thank You for Your manifest presence in our midst and individual lives all through the month of October, which has resulted in diverse blessings upon our lives. Psa. 103:1-2.

2. Father, whosoever is spoiling me before my helpers, be disgraced and put them to shame all this month and beyond. Ps 44:3.

3. Father by your mercy, I shall not serve my enemies; my enemies shall bow down to me, I shall enjoy my redemptive benefits. Matt 18:18.

4. Father, I decree the destruction of all agents of the devil that making any evil journey against me or any member of my family. Psa. 35:26.

5. Father, make Shiloh 2022 a mountain of voices, resulting in supernatural transformation for every participant. Isa. 30:30.

(Sat. Nov. 12, 2022): KEYS TO LIVING A SANCTIFIED LIFE – Part 2
Recognize that we are sanctified by the Word – Jhn. 17:17.
 We must be committed to taking daily spiritual showers in the word
– Psa. 119:9-11/ Eph. 5:26.
 God’s word cleanses and sanctifies – Jhn. 15:3/ Jhn. 17:17.
1. Father, thank you for making every convert that stepped into our Service(s) last Sunday, abide in this church for life. Jhn.10:28.
2. Father, by the Blood separate me from every unfriendly friend serving as a channel of limitations for my destiny. Ps 91:15.
3. Father, I decree the pulling down all the strongholds erected against my progress for the rest of the days of the year. Ps 7:9.
4. Father, by the Blood of Jesus, I declare victory over every stubborn battle of my life and that of my family. Jer 30:19.
5. Father, we decree hitch free transmission from Canaanland to all our viewing centres around the world all through Shiloh 2022 – Psa. 147:15.
Sat. Nov. 19, 2022): KEYS TO LIVING A SANCTIFIED LIFE – Part 3
Recognize that we are sanctified by the Blood – Zch. 9:11-12.
 We can overcome the evil forces behind sin by the Blood of Jesus – Zech. 9:11-12/ Rev. 12:11.
 We can purge our conscience from dead works by the power of the Blood
– Rom. 5:8-9/ Heb. 9:14.
1. Father, thank you for the impact of Shiloh each year to be far beyond what we have ever known since inception, across the nations of the earth. Psa. 19:3.
2. Father, by the Blood, I cancel every strange predictions and prophecies messing up my destiny. Psa.3:6.
3. Father, by the fire of the Holy Ghost, I decree the rise of my destiny and possess your possession, all through this month and beyond. Ezekiel 21:27.
4. Father Lord, let your judgement come on the cabal that believes that this country belongs to them; thereby politicizing peace and security of this nation for their personal gain. Let your judgment rest upon them all in Jesus mighty name Luke 11:21-22.
5. Father, in the name of Jesus, let every barrier on the path of this Commission be crushed, as you launch her into new realms of exploits at Shiloh 2022 – Isa. 45:1-3.









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