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50 Best 2023 Happy New Year Prayer Points, Wishes, Messages

I have compiled the best 2023 prayer points, wishes, and messages to help usher you into a happy new year, bearing in mind the blessings in such and how scriptures enjoin us to commit things unto God’s hands.

New years are important and praying for a happy new year is equally a great way to begin 2023.

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Every New Year brings with it hope, joy, and memories, especially when you remember what took place in the past year.

New Year Blessings, Wishes, Prayers, Message: What’s The Fuss? 

Everyone hopes that the new year 2023 will open up new frontiers, helping in the fulfilment of a dream which was left as a dream in the past 365 days.

Naturally, there is a glimmer of hope that comes with the New Year in spite of what may have taken place in the past year 2022.

In fact, the hope that a fresh calendar offers is why you would not hesitate to send some happy New Year prayers, messages, and wishes to your friends and loved ones.

And backed by bible verses, you have a stronger belief that your 2023 New Year prayer, which could be sent as a message to your girlfriend, boyfriend, family, and loved ones will receive answers.

The Bible tells you to trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

It added that in all your ways, you should acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 

6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Prov 3:5-6

There is no better assurance of blessings for the New Year than heeding the counsel from this portion of the Bible.

Happy New Year Prayer Guide 2023

As I mentioned earlier, I have published this 2023 new prayer point guide to help you commit your ways into the hands of God.

Let me show you a breakdown of what you’d get in this post:

1. New Year Prayer 2023

2. New Year 2023 Prayer Quotes

3. New Year 2023 Prayer for Boyfriend

4.  Blessings for New Year 2023

5. New Year 2023 Prayer Guide

6. 2023 Happy New Year Prayer

7. New Year Prayer Points

8. New Year Family Prayer

Prayer for 2023, 2023 Happy New Year Prayer Points, New Year Prayer

happy-new-year-messages-wishes-prayers-2020- best new year wishes 2020, blessings for new year , happy new year 2020 wishes , happy new year prayer; heart touching new year wishes for friends, new year family prayer, New year poems, New year poems,, new year prayer 2020, new year prayer 2020; new year prayer for boyfriend  new year prayer guide 2020, new year prayer points, new year prayer points, new year prayer quotes, new year prayer quotes ,  new year wishes corporate,  new year wishes, corporate romantic new year wishes. 2020 new year messages for boyfriend, romantic new year wishes for boyfriend
2019 New Year Day in Sydney/Getty

So, whether you are searching for a new year prayer for a boyfriend, New Year prayers, New Year wishes, New Year messages or even 2023 new year prayer points, wishes and messages for your family, friends, and loved ones, you can see them below:

2023 New Year Prayer Point, Wishes, Messages

A compilation of the best short happy new year 2023 messages, wishes and new year family prayer points can be seen below:

  1. Heavenly Father, thank you for the New Year 2023. I bless and appreciate your name for making me see this New Year.
  2. Dear Lord, thank you, for irrespective of the fact that I passed through too many struggles last year 2022, you saw me through.
  3. Almighty Father, I appreciate you for your presence in my life every day in 2022. Thank you in advance because I know your Holy Spirit will continually dwell with me in this new year 2023.
  4. Lord, let your Spirit lead and direct me in each step I take this New Year 2023. Help me, Lord in my decisions and all I desire this year in the name of Jesus.
  5. Father, I ask that you open doors of breakthroughs for me this 2023 and cause me to see open doors in all I do!
  6. I ask for help, Lord, to be able to achieve all that I desire and wish for this 2023. Help me, father, to make my dreams a reality this new year.
  7. I pray, Dear God, that every door that was shut against me before, will in 2023, become open even as I receive divine help from every part of the world.
  8. Lord, I ask that your wisdom will continually abide and dwell in me in a greater dimension in 2023.
  9. Let my heart receive the courage to face every situation that I may encounter this New Year in the name of Jesus.
  10. Dear Lord, endue me with abilities, skills, and wisdom, which come from above so that my life would bring honour to your name in 2023 and beyond.
  11. In this New Year, Dear Lord, I commit my ways into your hands. Deliver me from every snare and entrapment of the evil one.
  12. My most heavenly father, keep me healthy and strong so I can serve you more this New Year 2023.
  13. Almighty Father, I pray this New Year that fear of what tomorrow holds will not take captive of my mind.
  14. Keep the “fire” for your work burning in my heart, much more than it was before, in the New Year 2023.
  15. My unfailing God, I ask for strength not to go weary or wax cold especially when the journey becomes difficult.
  16. Father, prosper the works of my hand this new year 2023. Let everything I lay my hands on receive immeasurable success. (bless the works of my hands)
  17. May your favour go before and after me in 2023 in the name of Jesus.
  18. I shall be celebrated and my name mentioned for good all through 2022 and many more years to come.
  19. My life shall be a shining light, reflecting your glory in the New Year 2023!
  20. Every dream and vision that you would place in my heart this New Year, make me soar with them.

Note that most of these new year messages above are religious in nature but they can be used by anyone, too!

In other words, they are Biblical new year messages fit for friends, family, and lovers!

New Year Prayer Points, Messages, Wishes For Family, Loved Ones

New year prayer for family as well as messages, wishes

  1. Father, I commit my family members, friends, and loved ones to your able hands. Thank you, firstly, for keeping them last year. I pray you shield and protect them this new year!
  2. I pray, the most heavenly father, that you bless the works on their hands. May they prosper and break through on every side.
  3. Lord, give my family, friends, and loved ones the wisdom, and open doors to achieve all of their dreams and desires this New Year 2022.
  4. May they (family, friends, and loved ones) not lack this New Year. Every one of their needs is divinely met this year 2023.
  5. Guard their hearts, oh Lord, so they can make the right decisions at every point in their lives this New Year 2023.
  6. May the New Year bring your sunshine, joy, and peace. Happy 2023!
  7. This New Year, may all your dreams, wishes, and visions come to pass. May your desires come to pass in this New Year 2023.
  8. Family is everything, so they say! Thank you for making the last year a memorable one.
  9. I am blessed to have you in my family! I pray in this New Year 2023, that you’d prosper in all you do!
  10. May the almighty lead, direct, and see you through this New Year! Thank you for your good deeds last year. I wish you a prosperous new year, fam!

Romantic New Year Prayer, Wishes, Messages For Lovers ( Girlfriend, Boyfriend)

You should count it as one of your blessings entering into the new year with someone you love and adore.

Here are the romantic happy new year 2023 messages, wishes, and prayers for your (lover) girlfriend or boyfriend:

  1. Thank you, baby, for adding sunshine to my life. This is wishing you a happy new year, love!
  2. I count myself lucky to have had someone like you by my side all through last year! May this New Year add more colour and beautify your life! This is wishing you a most colorful new year, my baby!
  3. Happy New Year 2023 to the one who makes my heart skip; the rain that waters my garden. Together, we will make magic this year!
  4. Seeing a new year is great but waking up to knowing that my love is there by my side, adds more flavor to it.
  5. My diamond love, my prayer for you this year is that you’d sparkle, and may your dreams come through faster than you expected this New Year!
  6. I thank the Almighty for making our paths cross. I look forward to breaking more ground with you this New Year!
  7. My love, it’s been a jolly thing riding with you this past year. My prayer, wish and message as 2023 beckons, is that our love will wax stronger!
  8. The Holy book was right when it said that there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother! And in you, I have found a friend who perfectly fits this description. Just to let you know that I adore you! Happy New Year honey pie!
  9. The New Year brings with it renewed hopes, joy, and strength. I pray you to find more reasons to laugh, smile, and celebrate this New Year 2023. Happy 2023!
  10. As the New Year 2023 comes, I pray our love will wax stronger and stronger! Happy new year to the love of my life!

Happy New Year Prayer Points, Wishes, and Messages To My Boss

This is a happy new year prayer guide 2023 that you can send as a text message to wish your boss a happy new year 2023.

Note that these are professional or corporate new year wishes  and can also be used for messages for the new year for your colleagues (team members), especially the senior ones with a little editing:

  1. Happy new year to my lovely boss! Welcome to your best year yet! Happy 2023
  2. It’s been a great privilege working with you in the past year. Thank you for leading me right! I wish you and your family a good and happy 2023!
  3. As the New Year beacons, my prayer for you as well as your family is that the Almighty will keep you all. Happy New Year 2023 to my most admirable boss!
  4. May the New Year 2023 bring more joy, victory, wins, and breakthroughs for you! Have a blessed and most amazing 2023, my amiable boss!
  5. This is wishing you, my most understanding boss, a happy new year 2023. More wins and celebrations await you and yours this New Year!
  6. Happy new year to my boss who encourages me, and ensures I become a better person! Have a great 2023, my boss!
  7. I count it as a privilege to work under and with such a creative boss like you! May the new year bring phenomenal growth and progress to your career!
  8. Thank you for the impact you had on my life this past year! This is wishing you a wonderful new year, my phenomenal boss
  9. I want to wish my most amazing boss a beautiful new year! Thank you for teaching me how to lead in the simplest manner! Happy new year, my leader!
  10. Hurray! It’s another 365 days; a new cycle! You’ve molded me into a better person this past year! Here is to the new year 2023 filled with ground-breaking achievements! Happy 2023!

Best Happy New Year Wishes to Customers, Business Partners

Use these messages as either a text or email to wish a happy new year to your customers and business partners:

  1. A new year is here and I want to thank you for the business opportunities and gains we have made! This is wishing you a blessed and prosperous new year!
  2. The New Year comes with hope and  I am thanking you for the opportunities you have given me. I wish you a great  New Year for you and your business!
  3. Thanks for making the business so easy this past year. I pray that the coming New Year will be full of more successful deals!  May the next year be full of success and good deals. Happy New Year!
  4. The Almighty has blessed you with incredible business acumen! Here is to more years of success in business! Happy New Year!

    5. May the New Year bring forth more groundbreaking profit! Have a profitable 2023!

Catholic Happy New Year Prayer 2023

happy new year wishes, prayers, message

These are blessings for the new year 2023 and you can use them as a Catholic New Year prayer, also:

  1. My most heavenly Lord, I pray that in this New Year, I will be closer to You! May I have the time to know you more this New Year.
  2. Empower me, Oh Lord, to celebrate the gifts and blessings which you have granted unto me and may I use them to serve and work for the spread of your word!
  3. Help me to build that closer relationship with you this year. Empower me to accept you in my life the way you deem fit, my father!
  4. Oh, sacred and most blessed Trinity, heed to my prayers offered on behalf of my holy Father the Pope, my Bishops, the clergy, and all that are in authority over me.
  5. In this New Year 2023, may the grace and peace of my Lord Jesus Christ bless me now and in the days ahead!
  6. Oh Jesus, via the immaculate heart of Mary, I commit the New Year 2023 unto your hands! Lead me aright merciful father!

New Year Prayer Quotes

Now that I have finished dealing with these lovely happy new year 2023 messages, wishes and prayers, let me quickly share some new year prayer quotes with images or photos with you below:

These new year images and quotes are so poetic!

Happy New Year Poems

This happy new year poem is from John. P Read:

Brush away old heartaches.
Learn from our mistakes.
Another year is finally over.
A new dawn awakes.

Let the old year out.
Welcome the new one in.
Bury the bad things of the past
As a new year now begins.

Make your New Year wishes
As simple as you can.
Pray for peace and love,
Not for wealth or fame.

Pray for health and happiness.
Pray for your fellow man.
Pray for all the ones you love.
Pray for those who’ve lost their way.

As the midnight hour chimes,
We leave the old and embrace the new.
I wish the things you wish for yourself,
And may God’s love stay with you.

Conclusion: Happy New Year 2023 Messages, Wishes, Prayer Points

For anyone searching for a new year prayer for a boyfriend, a 2023 happy new year prayer, messages and wishes to send to friends, and family, this post will guide you right!

May the blessings of the new year 2023 never elude you and your family! May the Almighty hear your prayer, grant you your wishes and desires, and guide you right this new year! Happy new year from Prayer Points Altar!

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  1. My dear brothers and sisters in christ, i want u to help me pray to the lord my GOD,for i need the lord presence in my hrt,for him to bless my hand work,this yr, my desire and wishes, to come to reality, to end 2022 as the most prosperious year in my life throughout my birth. And y’ all will receive his blessings and grace,in jesus name, amen..in the name of the father,the son,and the holy spirit AMEN..Love u all.

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